What Are Top Tips for Buying Silver Coins?


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A few tips for buying silver coins are that the buyer should know the dealer, the buyer should not purchase exotic coins and the buyer should avoid buying premium, which is the cost per troy ounce charged by a dealer over the spot price of the metal used in the coin; these tips come from a list called the "Ten Commandments for Buying Silver and Gold," written by The Moneychanger. This advice applies to buyers in search of gold coins as well.

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What Are Top Tips for Buying Silver Coins?
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The Moneychanger also offers recommendations that are based upon the amount of money the buyer is willing to invest into coin purchases. The coin experts note that market fluctuations may affect the given advice, so buyers should also refer to resources like A-Mark Precious Metals, Inc. to learn about the up-to-date market trends for silver and gold coins before making a final decision.

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