What Are the Top Ten Bridge Conventions?


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Ten very common or popular bridge conventions can include Stayman, Jacoby transfer, Texas transfer, negative doubles, Blackwood, Michaels, splinter bids, fourth suit forcing, Jacoby 2NT and weak two bids, as noted by the American Contract Bridge League. Conventions are special bids invented by bridge players to give a description of specific hand patterns and strengths. Conventions used in a contract bridge game must be agreed upon by partners and also must be revealed to their opponents before the start of a game.

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The Blackwood convention is used by a partnership to discover the number of aces held before considering a slam bid, as noted by the BridgeHands website. The Stayman convention is typically used by partners to find a major suit fit after an opening bid of one Notrump (NT) or two Notrump.

The Jacoby transfer convention is used by a responder to locate a five-three fit in a major suit after a partner's NT opening bid. Similarly, there are other popular convention bids used in a contract bridge game. For example, a responder uses a Texas transfer after an NT opening bid. The bid refers to a responder holding a major suit of six cards or longer.

Many of these convention bids have names associated with players that created or developed them. For example, the Blackwood convention was developed by Easley Blackwood in 1933.

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