What Are Some of the Top-Selling Items at Craft Fairs?


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Jewelry, bath and body products, paper goods, candles and various handmade clothing items are among the best-selling items of the top-ranked sellers from a popular online marketplace for independent craft makers, Etsy. Successful Etsy sellers advise newcomers that their crafts should be unique, well-priced and ideal for impulse purchases.

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Items priced at between $10 - $20 tend to do well, and some sellers report making far more money with lower priced items than with higher priced items. Jewelry is especially good, as it is small, affordable and a very tempting impulse buy. Gift items are also very popular, and stationery, small housewares and jewelry are great examples of gifts one can find at a craft fair.

Offering gift-wrapping services is likely to increase sales if your crafts are ideal for gifts. The time of year can also make a difference, with gift sales naturally increasing around Christmas, as craft fairs are a great source for stocking stuffers. Easter and Halloween are also good opportunities to increase sales with holiday-themed items. Flip flops, lightweight dresses, bird houses and beauty items sell better in the spring and summer, while scarves, hats and candles fare better in the fall and winter. Etsy sellers even recommend selling shiny items, as they more easily attract attention.

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