What Tools Are Used in Handicraft?

Some of the essential tools in handicraft include cutting tools, measuring and folding tools, and wire tools. Individuals typically use detail scissors to create accurate cuts for detailed craft projects, such as scrapbooks and cards.

Detail scissors feature a screw that allows users to tweak the blade tension for light or heavy use. Fringe scissors are ideal for making confetti or adding a fringe border to scrapbook pages or cards. For crafts enthusiasts who want to create various shapes in different sizes, decorative paper punches can easily produce shapes such as leaves, animals and letters.

A screw punch creates holes on any area unlike regular hole punches that can only punch holes near borders. It also enables users to punch holes in varying sizes. Another essential handicraft tool is the rotary cutter, which makes a long, straight cut or decorative borders. A craft knife creates clean edges in heavy papers, cardboards and foam cores, whereas a circle cutter easily cuts clean circles.

The bone folder is a common bookbinding tool to score paper and smooth edges. Cutting mats cover the surface of a craft project to protect it from unwanted damage. Other measuring and folding tools include clear quilting rulers, which crafters often use along with a cutting mat, and scoring boards, which people use for scoring craft projects seamlessly.