What Are Some Tools and Supplies for Some Popular Hobbies?

Traveling, voted the most popular hobby in 2014, utilizes distinctive tools like luggage scales and more common supplies, such as suitcases. Baking, another popular hobby, uses parchment paper, measuring tools, thermometers and pans, while photography frequently relies on a digital single-lens reflex camera, camera strap and a tripod.

While hobby travelers can take a minimalist approach and use very few tools or supplies, many travelers appreciate the convenience of USB roll-up travel chargers, straps to carry jackets on the outside of carry-on packs, waterproof dry bags to carry wet items, bright luggage tags and waterproof phone cases. Other convenient supplies for traveling include accessory organizers, portable bluetooth speakers, folding cell phone chargers and refillable liquid travel bottles.

To achieve optimum results, bakers rely on precise dry and liquid measuring spoons and cups. Heavy-duty aluminum half-sheet pans can protect the oven from dripping pies, hold large batches of brownies, and serve as a cookie sheet. Given the lack of consistency in ovens, it is helpful for bakers to have an independent oven thermometer that hangs from the oven rack or magnetizes against the oven door, and silicone or rubber spatulas.

In addition to a high-quality lens, camera and tripod, photography tools and supplies include a Hoodman Loupe for viewing digital pictures without a glare, an exposure meter, and a diffuser and reflector kit.