What Tools Can You Use to Make Animations With Minecraft?


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Many "Minecraft" animations are not actually made within the game itself, but instead are made by a 3D animation program called Blender. To make these types of animations, download the program, and install a "Minecraft" skin and texture pack, then build the animation in the program's time line.

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The first step to making a 3D "Minecraft" animation in Blender is installing the program on your computer. The program is free to download on platforms such as Windows, Max OS and Linux, as of 2015. After installing Blender, download and install a "Minecraft" texture pack. This allows you to easily recreate different features from the game, instead of designing them from scratch. Most packs include textures for the different block types, as well as common characters such as creepers and zombies. Some packs also allow you to customize and create your own unique characters instead of using the default player skin.

Making an animation in Blender involves creating a space to serve as the background and then placing the different characters at the appropriate points. Set key frames at specific locations to mark movements and control the environment. Once you map out all the necessary movements and characters, you need to export the animation as a video.

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