What Are Some Tools That Can Change the Background of a Photo?


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Image-editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop and GIMP are each able to change the background of a photo by either creating separate sections or using color-manipulation tools. Web tools such as Clipping Magic and Background Burner, as well as the Android app Change Photo Background, also do this.

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To change the background of a photo in Photoshop, launch the program, then click File followed by Open, and choose the photo in question. Begin by duplicating the background layer and turning off its visibility to preserve the original image. Activate the new layer, then select the Lasso tool, and trace the outline of the foreground image as precisely as possible. After completing the outline, go to the Layers menu, and click New Layer Via Cut to make the image a new layer, which then enables you to edit the background layer as you see fit. GIMP features similar controls for cutting out the foreground image from the background, though different versions of each program also offer additional tools for the process.

The Web tool Clipping Magic accomplishes the same feat, but only requires users to upload the image and make a rough outline of the foreground image with a special tool. The program scans the image and automatically separates the two pieces. Background Burner also requires users to upload an image, but offers tools for smoothing out the edges around the new image.

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