What Are Some Tips for Winning "BTD Battles"?

What Are Some Tips for Winning "BTD Battles"?

Tips for winning “BTD Battles” include buying towers with good camo detection, knowing what towers are most useful and focusing on quantity over quality in terms of towers. Players should also remember that ninja towers are useless against economy bloons that opponents send out.

Unlike other Bloons Tower Defense games, there is no single winning strategy in “BTD Battles” because the opponent is a human player who is capable of changing his strategy. Tips and strategies for winning “BTD Battles” only work as guidelines to help players get started.

For good camo detection, players need to focus on buying and upgrading Dart and Ninja Monkeys. After upgrading both of these units enough, players can spot camo bloons, which other towers cannot see.

Having a bunch of Sniper Monkeys is generally not the best strategy for “BTD Battles” because of their slow firing rate. However, having a few Sniper Monkeys is generally a good idea for popping lead camo bloons, which Dart and Ninja Monkeys have a hard time popping.

Since towers are cheap in this game, the real key to defense lies in placing a lot of towers, rather than upgrading all of the towers. Most players don't need to worry about their economy and can place as many towers as possible. Also, most games don't last very long, so players need to focus on the short term instead of the long term.