What Are Some Tips for Wildlife Photography?


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Tips for photographing wildlife include selecting the right camera and lens, learning more about the basic habits and behaviors of subject animals and photographing during the hours when natural light conditions are most favorable. Other tips include taking pictures of common animals to practice photography skills and techniques and stabilizing the camera with a monopod.

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Photographing wildlife involves a number of unique challenges. Patience is needed to photograph animals in the wild, and being prepared to wait as long as possible is often essential. Use time spent observing animals in the wild to learn more about common behaviors and habits. Another tip for photographing wildlife is being familiar with the surrounding terrain and environment to find the best locations and vantage points.

Manual metering can be helpful for producing more consistent shots, and higher shutter speeds are often required for capturing sharper images of animals in motion. To creating more interesting shots, use the camera’s AF points in the viewfinder to compose shots so that the animals are off-center. Panning is often a valuable skill when photographing birds and other wild animals that tend to move quickly, and tripods fitted with a ballhead make it easier to ensure smooth panning.

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