What Are Some Tips for Using Soft-Sculpture Doll Patterns?


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Some tips for using soft-sculpture doll patterns include tracing the pattern on two layers of fabric and using a sewing machine to stitch the marked lines on the pattern. Another tip is to trim the seam allowances to 1/8 inch and clip the curves according to the pattern's specifications.

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To make soft-sculptured dolls using a pattern, identify the areas of the pattern to stuff, and then fill the areas with polyester fiberfill. Fluff the fiber before stuffing the body, as this helps prevent lumpiness. Use tools to stuff the larger areas of the pattern, and flatten the doll to smooth out wrinkles or dimples in the fabric.

Draw the pattern using a number-two lead pencil to avoid dark, noticeable marks on the fabric. Another option for drawing patterns onto fabric is to use a disappearing ink pen that has a fine point. Fabric pens work for drawing on fabric as well.

Determine the colors that the pattern says to use, and then paint the face of the doll using acrylic paint. Use a flat brush for larger areas and small liner brushes for details. Apply a matte spray sealer to the paint when it dries, if the pattern calls for it. Check the pattern to determine whether to use skeins of yarn or embroidery floss for the doll's hair. Make button joints along the arm and leg areas of the pattern to create movable joints.

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