What Are Some Tips for Training a Furby?


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Some tips for training a Furby include placing the Furby in an area where its sensor is not blocked and talking to the Furby often. Another tip for training a Furby is to reward it with two pets after each action it performs correctly.

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Furby training involves the clear sensor on top of the Furby's head, so make sure it is facing towards you during Furby training, and do not cover it with your hand. Speaking to the Furby often helps it transition from speaking only the Furbish language to speaking English. Tickle the Furby three times, and pet it once to make the Furby say its name.

You can train some types of Furbies to change personalities, such as the Furby Boom. Tickle, pet and hug the Furby Boom to give it the sweet personality. To give your Furby the hyper personality, talk to it a lot and place the Furby in a room with a TV.

Pulling the Furby's tail or playing music changes the Furby to the rockin' personality. Feeding the Furby Boom too much results in the Furby developing the jolly personality and speaking in an Australian accent. Tilting and shaking your Furby train it to have the feisty personality. Certain actions make the Furby Boom act mean and rude, such as pulling the Furby's ears and turning it upside down.

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