What Are Some Tips for Taking Striking Photos of Red Poppies?


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Tips for taking great photos of red poppies include taking advantage of available natural light, learning how to select a complimentary photo background and creatively using lenses. National Geographic's photo "Poppy Field at Sunset" by Szilard Szabo shows how a sunset can make a poppy field almost glow. The diffused golden light blends the entire shot. Another tip is to go shooting on overcast days. This also produces diffused light, which makes color images stand out.

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Since the focal points in the photos are the poppies, it's important to eliminate anything in the background that would distract the eye. A hedge or grove of trees works well. They can even be shot slightly out of focus, which makes the poppies in the foreground pop.

Power lines, jet contrails and housing developments don't usually work. Interesting architectural features, such as a church steeple or a lighthouse may add interest. If all else fails, shooting the poppies with a high horizon line or without a background may also work.

Experimenting with lenses gives the poppy photos distinctive looks. A wide-angle lens is great for capturing a field of poppies. Taking a wide shot using a tripod works, or for a closer shot, zoom in on a section of the flowers. A telephoto lens is used to focus on one or two flowers which brings out even more detail. Selecting a red poppy in full bloom makes an impressive wall photo when enlarged.

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