What Are Some Tips for Taking Pictures of a House When Putting It up for Sale?


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One tip for taking good pictures when putting a house on the market is to make sure to use adequate lighting. Another tip is to find the optimal angle for each shot to really capture the essence of each space.

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Natural light is the best light for photographing parts of a house. Turn off the lights, open up the curtains and pull up the blinds. Opt to take photos in the afternoon, as this helps the area look cleaner, crisper and brighter.

When kneeling or sitting while taking photos, a photographer is able to get a wider shot, showcasing more of the room. This tends to make rooms look bigger, and it also cuts out a lot of unnecessary shots of floors and ceilings.

HGTV.com stresses the importance of staging a home before taking pictures of it. Take out distracting toys, clutter and unneeded furniture, and consider purchasing a few items like flowers or candles to add accents to the space.

Be sure to take a lot of photos of the same areas, which allows users to choose the best angled shots for displaying the home. Put photos through a photo editor to adjust lighting and make the colors true to life.

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