What Are Some Tips for Taking Good Scenery Photographs?

What Are Some Tips for Taking Good Scenery Photographs?

Scenery photographs are best taken during what is called "magic hour," which is the time immediately after sunrise or before sunset. Composition is of utmost importance. A good rule to follow is the "rule of thirds," by which the photo is divided into thirds horizontally and vertically, and the points of interest in the scene are lined up at the points where the horizontal and vertical lines meet.

Another tip is to keep a circular polarizing filter handy to cut out glare and to increase the intensity and saturation of the colors.

To achieve sharp and lifelike scenery images, use a small aperture such as f/22. Choose a slow exposure to create a perfect image. A tripod helps to keep images crisp and clear with lower apertures and slow exposures and is a worthy investment.

Shoot scenery in RAW format for the best quality and image editing capability. To ensure the color and the tone of the photograph are consistent throughout, use a neutral density graduated filter. This tool helps even out the tone between the sky and land so the image is vivid.

Study the work of scenery photographers such as Ansel Adams, David Norton and Joe Cornish, and do homework about where the best locations are to shoot scenery photographs. Scout the best locations to shoot photographs.