What Are Some Tips for Someone Starting Fletching Training?


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Some of the tips for a person starting fletching training include trading complete bows for materials, following the necessary steps to quick bow making and having a concise inventory setup. These actions enable one to make a lot of money within a short time. Fletching provides a moderate avenue for income, however many people search for the skill cape.

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Trading complete bows for materials enables one to gain without spending. For example, one can trade Yew Logs and Bowstrings for Yew Longbows. In doing so, one gains both experience and money without spending anything. The eight quick steps for bow making are another important strategy in fletching training. The first step to quick bow making is withdrawing 14 bows using the "withdraw x" option. Another step is making the 14 bows (s) and depositing the 14 bows (s). After withdrawing 14 bows, (u) using the ‘withdraw all’ option, one must repeat the withdrawal steps in order to maximize profits and minimize the expenditure. Another useful tip is creating an inventory setup. When stringing, one generates a random item such as a Dragon Longsword in the top left square of the inventory and an unstrung bow in the opposite side. One must withdraw ten bows, click thrice and then select "withdraw all strings."

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