What Are Some Tips for Solving Word Searches?


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Some tips for solving word searches include scanning through rows one at a time to locate the first letter in a word, focusing on a single word at a time and using a highlighter or pencil to mark word solutions. Also, focus on uncommon letters in the puzzle.

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What Are Some Tips for Solving Word Searches?
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The first step to successfully solving a word search is to be methodical and avoid randomly searching through the puzzle for words, as this makes it hard to keep track of progress. Pick one word from the bank, and begin scanning the rows in the puzzle for the first letter in the word. Move through each row from left to right to ensure that you don't skip over any letters. Once you find the letter, look at the letters circling it for the next character in the word.

Scan through the word bank, and identify any words that have a less common letter, such as Z, X, J or K, and look through the puzzle for those letters. As these words have letters that stand out, you are able to move more quickly through the rows to identify these letters and quickly check for the word. Similarly, if you have a word with the letter Q, you can look for that letter in the puzzle and immediately rule out any Qs that do not have a U following them.

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