What Are Some Tips for Solving a Rubik's Cube?


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Tips for solving a Rubik's cube include viewing it as 26 cubelets, solving it layer by layer and rescrambling the cube when stuck. The Rubik's cube requires frequent practice, which is quicker with a high-quality, well-lubricated cube.

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Beginners typically view the Rubik's cube as having six faces, since that's how many colors it has. However, players should view it as a 26 piece puzzle with three types of pieces. The cube has eight corner pieces, each with three colors, and 12 edge pieces, each with two colors. The six center pieces only have one color, and since they are attached to the core, they're solved automatically. The player should focus on bringing the corners and edges to the center pieces.

The player should solve one layer at a time, beginning with the top layer and then moving to the middle layer. After solving a couple layers, the player begins to understand the correct techniques. If he gets stuck, he should rescramble the cube so he can continue practicing.

Rubik's cube websites, such as RubiksPlace.com, offer tutorials and move sequences for completing the cube. By using a proven method correctly, a player can solve the Rubik's cube within one minute. While the fastest methods require significant memorization, they can allow a player to solve it in as little as 20 seconds.

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