What Are Some Tips for Selling Barbie Dolls?


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Tips for selling Barbie dolls include advertising your Barbies by using attention-grabbing listing titles and creating an accurate written item description for each Barbie. Another tip for selling Barbies is to research the exact model you are selling so that you can accurately price each item.

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Barbies vary widely in price, so research the specific model you are selling and compare prices to ensure that your price results in a profit while still being competitive. When pricing a Barbie, consider whether the Barbie is vintage; some vintage Barbies sell for thousands of dollars. However, Barbie dolls that are just a few years old only classify as used and typically sell for half of their retail prices.

Take pictures of the dolls using a high-quality camera. Show the dolls in all views, and include any accessories that come with them. Make sure that the condition of the doll is obvious from the pictures.

Include important information in the headline of your Barbie listing, such as the name of the Barbie and whether it is used, new or vintage. Be specific in the description, and include relevant information such as the condition the doll is in and any blemishes it has.

When your Barbie doll sells, wrap the doll in bubble wrap, and place it in a small box. Pad any empty space in the box with newspaper so that the Barbie is secure during shipping. After the buyer receives the doll, leave them positive feedback to remind them to leave you good feedback as well.

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