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New players just starting out in Runescape may want to switch their home base from Burthorpe to Lumbridge. This offers a variety of advantages in gaining initial levels and getting started in the game world.

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Runescape now starts new players in Burthorpe, but Lumbridge was the game's starting point for many years, and many guides for new players are written using it as a reference. New players who aren't yet familiar with the game world may find the Newcomer Map sold at general stores to be helpful.

Instead of grinding spiders and rats around town for initial experience, most new players should be able to handle the goblins found just south of the River Lum. While they aren't much stronger, they provide more experience and gold.

After reaching level 3, new players should prioritize completing the Blood Pact quest. This is a very short quest that's begun by speaking to Xenia in the Lumbridge Cemetery. It requires players to defeat three enemies that are at level 2. Once completed, players will gain access to the Lumbridge Catacombs, a favorite level grinding spot for newcomers.

While players find it easier to gain levels in Lumridge initially, there are several entry-level quests that are worth returning to the Burthorpe area to pursue. The quests "Let Them Eat Pie," "Wolf Whistle," "Druidic Ritual" and "Death Plateau" are all fairly easy and are geared toward helping newcomers get started in the game.

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