What Are Some Tips for Raising Virtual Pets Online?


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Checking on the pet regularly, finding how fast the time advances on the online platform and learning about any virtual items sold are three tips for raising virtual pets online. Beast Keeper and Egg Cave are two websites that allow users to raise virtual pets.

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Virtual pet raising websites and applications ask the user to cater to the pet's needs. Depending on the application, you may be able to purchase a certain amount of food and ignore the pet's need for food as long as it lasts, or you may have to feed it manually everyday.

You should also be aware of how fast time advances on the website. For instance, four hours in real life equals a week on Beast Keeper. How fast the time advances determines how often you must cater to the needs of your pet and how fast it ages. Your pet may pass away of old age, depending on the application. If the website also allows you to breed your pets, the speed at which time advances also has an effect on how long pregnancy and childhood last.

As online virtual pet raising services often allow you to register for free, they sell virtual items via online stores to turn a profit. Taking a look at the online store of a virtual pet raising platform helps to determine whether you can enjoy it without spending more money than you want. Such services may restrict how often you can interact with your pet using an energy system and charge real money to increase the energy of the pet.

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