What Are Some Tips for Playing Word Whomp?


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Some tips for playing Word Whomp include looking for words based on the words that have already been found, shuffling the letters and trying to find short words rather than getting stuck on unscrambling the six-letter word. These tips can help Word Whomp players to earn higher scores.

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The aim of Word Whomp is to use the provided six letters to make as many words as possible, as well as unscrambling the letters to make a six-letter word. Players who have already made some words might be able to make more by adding the common suffixes "s," "ed," "er," or "es" to their existing words.

Although the six-letter word is worth more than the shorter words, many players find it easier to look for short words instead of focusing on unscrambling the six letters. It is easy to spend a long time staring at the six letters without noticing the six-letter word, even if it is relatively common.

If players get stuck, they can press the button to mix up the letters. This can often reveal new words and help the player to regain momentum. When players finish playing, they can look over the words they made to remember them for future games.

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