What Are Some Tips for Playing "Sumotori Dreams"?


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Getting into the arena earlier than the opponent and pushing the contender first before a player loses his balance are good tips for playing the game "Sumotori Dreams." A player earns one point for knocking down an opponent and wins by scoring five points.

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Designed by Gravity Sensation, "Sumotori Dreams" is a 3-D sumo wrestling game that features gigantic robots made of blocks. These huge robots move in a clumsy manner, making it easy for them to fall. To win the game, a player can push the opponent, force him out of the ring or wait for him to fall on his own. Some arenas feature special designs, such as those with a large seesaw, that make it tougher for players to keep their balance.

"Sumotori Dreams" also allows players to start two-player matches using a single keyboard. It's available for download for computer and iPhone users. The computer version features a hidden game mode that players can access from the main menu by demolishing the wall on the right side.

Other positive aspects of the game are the animation, lounge music soundtrack and different lighting choices, according to Softonic. The main drawback of the game is a limited choice of available characters, as there are only two. Softonic reviewers gave "Sumotori Dreams" a rating of 9 out of 10 stars, as of 2015.

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