What Are Some Tips for Playing Spongebob Diner Dash?


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Don't waste tips on temporary power-ups, ignore the boost menu, buy all cheap upgrades first and don't worry about replaying a level until you have passed every level in that diner are some tips for playing Spongebob Diner Dash. Also, take Spongebob's challenges right after getting permanent upgrades.

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Temporary power-ups only last one round, so it is much better to save up the tips and buy permanent upgrades that last forever in the upgrades menu. The same applies to the temporary effects in the boost menu. Instead, buy all of the cheap upgrades that, cumulatively, give Spongebob a big advantage.

After all of the levels in a diner are finished, players should go back and try to get an expert score for any levels they didn't. This gives extra tips to the player, who can then buy permanent upgrades that help when they try to pass the Spongebob challenge for the diner, which is worth more tips and bonuses.

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