What Are Some Tips for Playing Spades on the Internet?


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Tips for playing Spades on the Internet include counting cards, using short suits first and keeping high- and low-rank cards over middle-rank cards. The player should have a bidding system so he can bid quickly and accurately.

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By counting cards in a game of Spades, the player can track which cards have been played. He can then determine which unplayed cards could beat his in a trick. Beginners should learn to keep track of the current "boss" card, which is the highest-ranked card that hasn't been played in each suit. If an ace of diamonds is played, for example, that suit's boss is the king of diamonds. When playing online, the player should write down cards that have been played, if he is quick enough to do so during hands.

Shorts suits are those in which a player doesn't have many cards. He should use these first so he has greater control later in the hand. By having high and low cards in a suit, the player has more control over whether or not he takes the trick. He can get rid of middle-rank cards by playing them when an opponent has already thrown out a high-rank card.

Bidding systems vary depending on the player. Players typically bid one trick for each ace they have and for each king that is combined with another card of that suit. When playing online, the player should consult a bidding chart before each hand.

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