What Are Some Tips for Playing "On The Run 2"?

To play "On The Run 2," first learn how to control a car using the arrow keys, which move the car forward, reverse, left and right. The game has no city map or an arrow that points players in the right direction. There are intersections, ramps, tunnels and alleys that players encounter as they escape from the bad guys looking to wreck them, and staying aware of the car’s health and gas is crucial for winning the game.

Meters at the top of the screen measure a car’s health and gas. When a car wrecks or its gas depletes entirely, the game is over, according to JayIsGames, so players should frequently replenish the gas and health meters using gas and power-up orbs. The power-up orbs are plentiful at first, but they become more difficult to find as the game progresses.

The bad guys constantly make their chase from behind, ramming a player's car from the sides or even head-on at corners. Dodge them using the arrow control keys by accelerating, slowing down, reversing and making sharp random turns. Trick enemy cars into colliding with each other by hitting the brakes at the right moment. If the enemy cars are fast in pursuit, make random 90 or 180 degree turns to throw them out of control. Also, avoid getting rammed between enemy cars to prevent the car's health from falling to zero.