What Are Some Tips for Playing Rummikub Online Against the Computer?


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Tips for playing Rummikub online against a computer include playing the rack and table wisely to maximize the chances of melding all your tiles, making the most of all opportunities that improve your chances of winning, and arranging the starting tiles in the melds you need to lay on the table to help you later on. It is a good idea to hold back some tiles early on, so that the computer player must open up the table.

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An opened table has more opportunities for manipulation. A tip for playing Rummikub against the computer is to lay only three tiles, and hold back the fourth tile of a group. For your next turn, lay the tile instead of having to draw from the pool. A good but risky tip is to keep a joker on your rack, though this takes 30 points away from your score if the other player goes Rummikub.

A strategic tip for Rummikub is to hold back your melds, and attempt to catch the computer opponent with a bundle. This allows you to rearrange your tiles freely, while also denying the computer opponent the opportunity to build on your melds. Pay attention to the tiles the computer player does not have, and avoid feeding the computer a set of tiles or a specific tile it can use.

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