What are some tips for playing pool?


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Some tips for playing pool involve positioning the body, such as keeping the head straight. The elbow does not drop as it moves the cue toward the ball. The arm is the only body part that moves during the shot. The player's stance is well-balanced.

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Tips for the hands include pushing the bridge fingertips into the tabletop to keep that hand from moving. The other hand grips the cue in a relaxed manner. Tension makes the cue more likely to wander off-course.

One suggestion for hitting the ball is to follow through completely, remaining in the final position until the ball has landed in the pocket. When preparing to hit, the back swing is slow and smooth to maintain hand-eye coordination. Before each shot, put chalk on the end of the cue.

To improve aim, walk around the table before every shot to see exactly where to place the cue ball. Use visualization by imagining a "ghost" cue ball touching the object ball in the correct place. Before taking a shot, commit to it and be sure of the plan. Questioning the approach can lead to misses.

Develop a routine to perform before each shot. Include basics such as planning, chalking, aligning and taking a stance. Never waver from this ritual -- it reduces pressure and increases focus.

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