What Are Some Tips for Playing "Hobo Prison Brawl"?

What Are Some Tips for Playing "Hobo Prison Brawl"?

Tips for playing "Hobo Prison Brawl" include using combos, picking up weapons, attacking unsuspecting enemies and moving to avoid being surrounded. When possible, it's better to fight enemies one at a time. The game is available on ArmorGames.com as of 2015.

"Hobo Prison Brawl" has easy, normal and hard difficulty settings, so players can adjust the difficulty as necessary. It also has checkpoints that fully heal the character and passwords that allow the player to restart from that checkpoint.

Combos are longer attacks that either stun enemies or knock them down. The character starts with certain combos and gains more over the course of the game. When the character gains a combo, the game displays the new combo on the screen. In addition to stunning or knocking down enemies, some combos, such as the sequence "asas", perform long range attacks. If the character gets hit during the combo, it stops the combo.

Weapons include chairs and trash cans. To pick up a weapon, approach it, and press an attack key. Press the attack key again to throw the weapon.

Some enemies are sitting down or walking around without attacking the player when first on-screen. Attack these enemies first to do damage before they fight back, and use a combo to keep them from counterattacking.

The character moves faster than most enemies and can attack multiple enemies if they're all in front of him. For these reasons, if enemies surround the character, move him until the enemies are only in front of him. That way, you can attack all the enemies at once without getting hit from behind.