What Are Some Tips for Playing "Flappy Bird"?

What Are Some Tips for Playing "Flappy Bird"?

"Flappy Bird" tips include playing on a big screen, muting notifications, finding a rhythm and staying calm, according to Android Central. Flying low can also help players to survive longer.

"Flappy Bird" is easier to play on a tablet than a phone, according to Android Central. A larger screen allows the player to see details more clearly, without the tapping finger getting in the way. Phone players might find that using a stylus or positioning their fingers in the corners of the screen helps to get around the problem of playing on a cramped screen.

Incoming phone calls, messages and other notifications can interrupt "Flappy Bird" play. Muting these notifications before starting the game ensures that a good run can go undisturbed. Closing all other apps before starting the game can also help the game's stability on some phones.

The key to "Flappy Bird" is to find a rhythm that allows the bird to move between the pipes without touching them. Players should aim to keep the bird's flight as level as possible by timing their taps correctly, which takes a lot of practice.

Stress makes "Flappy Bird" failure more likely. Players need to breathe slowly and steadily and practice staying calm and focused in order to beat the game.