What Are Some Tips for Playing the CoolMath.com Game "Bloxorz"?


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To win the puzzle game "Bloxorz," use the keyboard's arrow keys to move the block around the level to the square hole at the end without falling off the edges. The game has 33 stages to complete, with a different six-digit passcode for every stage that can be entered in the Load Stage field on the main menu to return to a previous stage.

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To navigate the levels, use switches and bridges. The octagonal switches can be activated when touched by any part of the block, while the x-shaped switches require the block's entire weight standing on end to be tripped. A third type of switch, shaped like a pair of brackets, splits the block into two pieces that can be independently controlled, using the spacebar to alternate between them. When placed adjacent to one another, the pieces recombine into the whole block. Blocks must always be made whole to exit and complete a stage. Be careful of orange tiles, which break after being crossed, preventing backtracking.

Bloxorz is available to play for free on multiple websites as an Adobe Flash program. If the game does not load, check the settings of the browser's Flash player plugin, update the Flash installation or try using a different browser.

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