What Are Some Tips for Playing Boxhead With Two Players?


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Some tips for playing “Boxhead: 2Play” with two players include using lots of explosives, keeping up the multiplier to earn more money and upgrading weapons as much as possible. “Boxhead: 2Play” is the only version that allows for two-player cooperative play.

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When playing “Boxhead: 2Play,” players stand a better chance of surviving if they know their enemies. For example, zombies are slow and rely completely on melee attacks. This means that players should keep their distance and avoid getting swarmed. The devil, on the other hand, has ranged weapons. Both players should focus on taking down devils when they appear and hit them with quick-firing weapons.

When playing cooperatively, player one moves using the arrow keys, and player two uses the W, A, S and D keys. Also, player one shoots his gun using the forward slash key, and player two uses the space bar. Player one changes weapons with the period and comma keys, and player two uses the Q and E keys.

Whether playing with a team or alone, the objective of “Boxhead” is to kill as many enemies as possible without dying. There are power-ups and weapons that players can collect to help them achieve their goals. Players earn new weapons and upgrades by increasing their multipliers.

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