What Are Some Tips for Playing "Boxhead 2Play Rooms"?


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Some tips for playing the online game "Boxhead 2Play Rooms" include frequently upgrading weapons to unlock more firepower, playing with two players and being mindful of weapon splash damage. It is also important to prioritize killing the more dangerous enemies.

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The basic structure of "Boxhead 2Play Rooms" involves killing a series of oncoming zombies and devils over the course of several levels. One way to increase the odds of killing the enemies and progressing to higher levels is to take advantage of the game's Cooperative mode, which allows two players to participate at the same time. With a second character on screen, it is possible to kill zombies more quickly due to the increase in firepower and the ability to divide and conquer the foes. It is also helpful to focus on the devil enemies first, as they are stronger than zombies and cannot fire while a player attacks them.

Another tip is to upgrade weapons whenever possible. Upgrading a weapon enables it to deal a greater level of damage and thus kill zombies more efficiently. Some weapons also include a faster rate of fire, which helps to increase the multiplier score bonus and in turn earn more points for upgrades. However, players need to pay attention to new features of certain weapons, as some may include a damage radius that harms the player characters.

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