What Are Some Tips for Performing Taxidermy?


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Before beginning a taxidermy project, learn about the process from a professional taxidermist. If a professional taxidermist isn't available, purchase a DVD that outlines the process. A skull mount is a cost-effective alternative to traditional head or shoulder mounts. When making a skull mount, boil the skull to clean it, or have a professional boil the skull for a small fee. When mounting a head or shoulder, begin by removing all the flesh from the animal's cape.

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Use fine-grained, non-iodized salt to cure the cape. Make sure that the salt is evenly spread over the entire cape, and rub the animal's eyes and other features with the salt several times. After applying the salt, wait for 24 hours, and spread a second layer of salt on the cape, eyes, nose and lips.

Whiten skulls with bleach when creating a skull mount, allow the skull to remain in direct sun for two weeks to whiten it. After whitening, paint the skull with acrylic paint in a natural bone color.

To enhance the appearance of antlers, wipe the antlers with brown acrylic paint and paint thinner. Wipe the mixture off the antlers immediately. Used or new motor oil enhances the appearance of sheep, goat and elk antlers. Wipe the oil on the antlers, and wipe the antlers clean after 24 hours.

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