What Are Some Tips for Passing the Lasers of Kreludan Mining Corp.?


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To survive the lasers in the "Kreludan Mining Corp." game on Neopets.com, the laser beams must not touch your ship. The lasers operate on a periodic cycle, switching on and off every few seconds. The best way to navigate past these laser beams is to learn the timing of each individual laser and hover your spaceship past the laser beam while it is shut off, repeating as necessary for each level.

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Players of the "Kreludan Mining Corp." game control the pilot of a spaceship navigating through the mines of Kreludor, killing fungus monsters and collecting any blue gems and orange Kreludan metal orbs they see as they go along. Beginning on mission 4.1, new obstacles appear in the mines in the form of laser beams. The lasers are indestructible and often appear in groups throughout the various levels of the game.

Two lasers are present at the player's first encounter with them, one horizontal and one slanting slightly upwards and to the right. To pass these lasers, a player should use the arrow keys to hover his ship just above the first laser, descend once it ends and hover slightly below the second laser, letting it pass over the top of the ship. After the lasers are cleared, the fungus monsters should be destroyed to prevent the player's death.

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