What Are Some Tips for Making a Rag Rug?


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When making a rag rug, tear thinner materials, such as flannel, into 2-inch wide strips, and tear sturdy material, such as wool, into thinner 1-inch strips. To crochet a rag rug, use a size N crochet hook. Subtract the desired width of the rug from the desired length of the rug, and make the starting chain based on the difference. Add extra half-double crochet stitches where the rug curves to enlarge the rug, and ensure it lies flat.

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Measure the amount of fabric needed by crocheting a 1-foot section of the material. Weigh the 1-foot section to determine how many ounces of fabric are needed to make a rug in the desired size. To make a square rug, make the starting chain in the desired length, and crochet each row back-and-forth from the starting chain.

To make a braided rag rug, braid three strips together, and connect the ends of the first braid to new strips as needed. Roll the rug into the desired shape after braiding all the strips. Secure the strips in the desired shape by sewing the strips together with a loose zig-zag stitch.

Connect the fabric strips by cutting a slit in the end of the fabric. Slide the fabric through the slit on the connecting piece, and pull the loose end of the fabric through its own slit to form a loop that secures the strips together.

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