What Are Some Tips for Making Your Own Puppet?


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Tracing around the fingers on a piece of cardboard to form a puppet mouth shape, making a line at the bottom of the traced curve, folding the cardboard in half and cutting the mouth shape are good tips for making a lamb or sheep sock puppet. Use a low-temperature glue gun to attach the cardboard mouth to the edge of a sock that's turned inside out. Create eyes and a nose using pink felt and ears using white felt.

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After gluing the cardboard mouth, turn the sock puppet right-side out, create the inside of a lamb puppet's mouth by cutting from pink craft felt, check its fit by putting it in the mouth, and glue the felt mouth to the inner area of the puppet's mouth.

Use chalk to mark the eye and nose areas, and attach googly eyes and a felt nose using the glue gun. Trace ear shapes on white felt, trace smaller versions of the ear shapes on pink felt, and cut out the shapes. Attach the pink shapes to the white shapes.

Put a bit of glue on the ends of both ears, pinch to create folds, fill the sock with newspaper, and attach the ears to the sock puppet. Create sheepskin by gluing yarn pieces on the head, around the ears and on the neck of the sock puppet. Remove the newspaper filling once the puppet is done.

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