What Are Some Tips for Making Your Own Flower Arrangements?


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When making a flower arrangement with delicate flowers, use branches to support the flower stems. To help branches with leaves last longer, cut a 2-inch slit in the bottom center of the branch. Use a Lazy Susan to arrange flowers, turning the bouquet as needed to add flowers to each side. To ensure roses last longer, wrap them in brown paper, and place them in 1 inch of boiling water. Allow the water to cool before arranging the roses.

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To make a cone-shaped arrangement, cut the stems on the largest flowers shorter than the other flowers, and place the largest blooms around the outside edge of the bouquet. Place the long-stemmed flowers and greenery in the center of the arrangement. Alternately, cut the greenery so it is just above the lip of the vase to form a ring of greenery around the bouquet.

To arrange several types of flowers, cluster like types of flowers together. Place the most vividly colored flowers in the center of the arrangement. If desired, cut the flowers so they are just above the rim of the vase to allow the flower petals to blend together.

After arranging the flowers in the desired bouquet, wrap a clear rubber band around the stems to secure the bouquet. Another option is to secure the flowers in florist's foam that is soaked in water for 15 minutes.

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