What Are Some Tips for Making Moccasin-Style Slippers?


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When making slippers, choose the pattern, and enlarge the pattern to the desired size before printing it. To size the pattern, measure the sole of a shoe that fits the recipient. Use nonskid gripper fabric and puff paint on the bottom of the moccasins to create a sole. When making crochet slippers, leave the ends of the yarn loose until the slippers fit properly. After the slippers are complete, weave the ends of the yarn in as usual.

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When sewing ankle-high moccasin slippers for someone with a wide foot, cut the slipper opening larger than recommended. Flip the pattern, or fold the fabric, to make the left and right slippers. Opt for heavy fabrics, such as felted wool, worsted-weight yarn or denim to make durable moccasins.

To further increase the durability of the slippers, use strong thread, such as silk or heavy-duty polyester thread. When making crocheted slippers, use several colors of yarn to make a pattern on the upper flap, or the piece that covers the top of the foot.

To line slippers, choose patterned cotton fabric, and sew the fabric to the inside of the moccasin before adding the upper flap. Use a zig-zag stitch to sew the pieces together when making denim moccasins, or use a yarn needle to sew crocheted moccasins together.

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