What Are Some Tips for Making a Minecraft Steve Costume?


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Some tips for making a "Minecraft" Steve costume include using a printer and box to make a custom block head, along with cardboard and a printer to make a sword or axe. Alternately, the head and weapons are often available for purchase at retailers such as Target or Party City.

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To create a custom costume for the character Steve from the game "Minecraft," begin by downloading or creating a pattern for his face. The pattern needs to include one side of the face on each sheet of paper, which means it is possible to then print out each side and trim off excess white space. One way to create the block head is to use an empty cardboard box. However, the box needs to be square in order to resemble the character and the game. Glue each piece of paper to the box to complete the head.

Many toy and retail stores carry a variety of "Minecraft" items, including helmets that recreate the signature block head design of it's characters. One quick way to create a costume of Steve, the default character in the game, is to purchase one of these helmets, as well as an accompanying sword or pick ax to use as an accessory. Pair these items with a light blue short sleeve shirt and a pair of blue jeans or pants.

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