What Are Some Tips for Making a Lanyard to Hold a Duck Call?


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Some tips for making a lanyard to hold a duck call include using a rope or string of the appropriate size to hold the duck call and attaching it to a parachute cord of the required size, braiding the parachute cord to make the lanyard sturdier, and adjusting the parachute cord's length to fit the user's neck. Add embellishments as desired to the lanyard to personalize it.

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To attach a duck call to the lanyard, use a string or a thin rope 3 inches in length. Insert the string or the rope through the duck call, double-knot its ends, and tie it to the lanyard. This allows you to attach more than one duck call to a single lanyard.

To determine the correct length of parachute cord to use, run a measuring tape around the neck. Add 3 inches to the measurement, and cut the cord accordingly. For an adult of average size, a 40-inch long parachute cord is adequate for making a lanyard.

If making a braided lanyard, cut three pieces of the same size from the cord, each measuring three times the finished lanyard length. To braid the cord, double-knot one of the ends of the three cords, or secure them in a clamp using a screw. Affix the knot to a working area using duct tape. Braid the three cord pieces using the hair braiding technique. Finish the braid by making a double knot at its bottom.

To personalize the lanyard, add embellishments such as beads to the cords when braiding, and use cords of different colors.

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