What Are Some Tips for Making a Jeepers Creepers Costume?

Some tips for making a "Jeepers Creepers" costume include using dark pants shredded at the ankles, fake blood to stain the overshirt, and cheap rubber monster hands. When creating the costume's coat, an old oil skin or Western duster works well.

Overall, the "Jeepers Creepers" costume is easy to put together. In terms of the undershirt, a black t-shirt should be used, while the overshirt should be olive green or dark brown. Shred the overshirt to give it the texture from the movie, and stain it using fake blood. While rubber monster hands are ideal in achieving the movie look, old, dirty and worn gloves can also be substituted.

For the feet, motorcycle boots can be worn, just as the Creeper does in the first movie. In the sequel, however, the Creeper appears barefoot, so this look can be used too. In addition to the wardrobe, a Creeper mask should be purchased to finish off the look.

In the first "Jeepers Creepers" film, the Creeper's coat is made using pieces of leather and suede, as well as various pieces taken from a Confederate Civil War officer's jacket. In the sequel, a lighter coat made out of black cotton is used.