What Are Some Tips for Making Homemade Angel Wings?


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One tip for making homemade angel wings is to use sturdy cardboard as the base for the angel wing shape. Another tip is to glue soft white materials to the wings to create a feathery and ethereal look.

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Start by drawing the shape of an angel wing on a large piece of cardboard. Consider the size of the person using the angel wings. Cut out the wing, then use it to trace an identical wing on another section of the cardboard so that both wings are the same size.

There are several options of materials to create the angel wing look. One idea is to use coffee filters. Fold the coffee filters in half, then glue then to the cardboard in overlapping fashion until the filters cover the wings. You may need to use a hot glue gun or other extra strong glue to adhere the coffee filters to the cardboard.

Another option is to cover the cardboard wing with toilet paper. Use high-quality fluffy toilet paper, and cut it into individual squares. Gather one square a time, pinching it together in the middle so that it makes a point at the bottom Glue the square to the angel wings at the point. Repeat, gluing the scrunched squares closely together until both wings are complete. Flip the wings over and punch two holes near the top and bottom of the wings, and attach ribbon or string for wearing the wings.

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