What Are Some Tips for Making a Beautiful Address Book?


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Some tips for making a beautiful address book are to make the cover with an attractive fabric or to use decorative paper for the cover. Another tip is to use scraps of lace and vintage-looking fabrics for a vintage style address book cover.

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To make an address book with a piece of fabric for the cover, start by laying the address book open on the desired piece of cloth, and draw a line all around the book, 2 inches out. Cut the fabric along the lines, and glue it to both covers of the notebook, folding the edges over the inside of the covers. Next, cut a slit where the fabric covers the binding.

To cover the inside parts of the notebook cover, cut two pieces of lightweight cardboard so they are slightly smaller than the book cover. Cut two more pieces of fabric a little bigger than the cardboard pieces. Use a different color fabric for this part. Glue the fabric to the cardboard, fold the edges over and glue those down as well. Now, use a generous amount of glue to stick the cardboard pieces over the inside covers of the book, fabric face up.

The fabric can be embellished in any extra ways desired. Some ideas are to cut out cloth letters, use glitter glue or employ paint or other embellishments such as buttons, stickers and ribbons.

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