What Are Some Tips for Learning the Wood Burning Craft?


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When learning the craft of wood burning, use soft woods without a lot of grain; aspen and pine are two of the easiest woods to burn. Use 320-grit sandpaper to lightly tap the tip of the wood burner in order to remove residue. When changing tips on the wood burner, use pliers to take off hot tips and place them in glass or metal to cool. Use the pliers to apply the new tip to avoid touching the hot tool.

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Do not apply pressure to the wood burner. Instead, allow it to do the work. This helps to avoid bending hot wood burner tips. Always experiment with new techniques on the same kind of wood used for the project, and keep all wood burning tools away from children.

To apply a design to wood, print the design and arrange it on top of a piece of transfer paper in the center of the wood. Use a pen or pencil to trace the lines. When this process is complete, remove the papers to reveal the design on the wood. Then, use a wood burner to permanently scorch the design into the wood. To color the wood, apply water-based wood stain directly to the wood; hardware stores such as Lowe's can tint wood stain to create more than 50 colors.

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