What Are Some Tips for Learning to Use a Sewing Machine?

What Are Some Tips for Learning to Use a Sewing Machine?

Tips for learning to use a sewing machine include putting the thread guide in the proper position, using pattern weights to hold fabric down, and rethreading if thread is too tight or too loose. Using a high quality sewing machine and the correct type of needle is also important to get the best results.

The thread guide above the needle has a higher and lower position. When sewing, this guide must be in its higher position. Otherwise, turning the handwheel causes the needle to unthread.

Pinning fabric down is common advice for beginning sewers. However, pins change how fabric lays down. Pattern weights are a better choice to weigh down fabric while cutting pattern pieces. At a sewing machine, the sewer should hold the fabric down by hand when possible.

Rethreading everything, including the spool and bobbin, usually fixes any issues with tight or loose threads. It also helps when the machine is skipping stitches.

Learning to sew is more difficult if the machine doesn't work properly, so the sewer should make sure to find a good machine that works properly. The owner's manual is useful for operating instructions. If the machine doesn't have the manual, it may be available on the manufacturer's website.

Universal needles work with many types of fabric. However, some fabrics need different needle sizes. Smaller gauge needles work better with lightweight fabrics, while larger gauge needles work better with thicker fabrics, such as denim.