What Are Some Tips for Learning to Embroider?


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When working with difficult fabrics, such as felt or muslin, use stabilizer to easily embroider the piece, and remove the stabilizer after the project is complete. All hand-embroidered fabrics should be placed in an embroidery hoop, but do not allow the fabric to remain in the hoop for long periods of time. Instead, remove the hoop after working on the embroidery each day. Use a sharp needle and embroidery floss, rather than regular thread, to embroider.

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To embroider easily, use an iron-on transfer, or use an embroidery machine. After downloading the pattern on the embroidery machine, test the pattern on a piece of scrap fabric. Write down the tension, needle type, fabric type and type of stabilizer used for each successful project, as this information is used to complete additional projects in the future.

When using six-strand embroidery floss, halve the floss by cutting a 24-inch piece of floss off the roll. Split the piece of floss so that each half has three strands.

To secure the end of the floss, knot the loose end, and thread the need through the front of the fabric 5 inches away from the desired starting point. Bring the needle through the back of the fabric at the starting point, and embroider as usual. After reaching the end of the piece of floss, cut the knot off, and weave both ends of the floss into back of the embroidery.

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