What Are Some Tips for Identifying Doll Markings?


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To identify doll markings, first examine the doll's head, neck, shoulder blades or feet for an etched mark. Look at the inside of the doll's clothing, if it is original, for tags or stitched designs that look like a maker's mark.

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If a mark is found, identify the materials that make up the doll, the age of the doll and what kind of doll it is to narrow down the search for the maker. Use this information when searching for the origin of the mark or using a collector's guide. Consult an online resource, such as Doll Reference, or find catalogs or books at a local library. Cross-reference any numbers, letters or symbols you find on the doll. Online resources provide supplemental reference sites to aid in identification.

If the marking is not easy to identify, post a photograph of the mark on a discussion forum page of an online resource, or find an antique appraiser that specializes in doll identification through an association, such as the National Antique Doll Dealers Association. With a forum, work with other collectors who help each other answer questions and identify marks or types of dolls. Consider purchasing an up-to-date and well-reviewed doll collector's reference book if you plan to collect more dolls in the future.

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