What Are Some Tips for Hanging a Dartboard?


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Tips for hanging a dartboard include choosing a suitable area, using a backboard to protect the walls, and marking the wall at the correct measurement before hanging the dartboard. The distance for the throw line is different for steel-tip and soft-tip darts.

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The best location for a dartboard is a low-traffic area that doesn't have any breakable objects or doors nearby. The area should have good lighting around the dartboard so there aren't any shadows that make the dartboard hard to see. A soft floor, such as carpet, is also important, as hard floors can damage or dull darts. If a soft floor isn't an option, a dart mat is an effective alternative.

Darts damage walls, so it's best to place a backboard directly behind the dartboard. Another option is setting the dartboard up in a cabinet.

The bullseye of a dartboard should be 68 inches off the ground. For dartboards that screw in at the center, make a mark 68 inches off the ground, and then screw the dartboard in at that mark. For boards that hang, measure the distance from the bullseye to where the dartboard hangs, and add that measurement to 68 inches to find the correct height from which to hang the dartboard.

For steel-tipped darts, the throw line is 7 feet, 9 and 1/4 inches from the face of the dartboard. For soft-tipped darts, the throw line is 8 feet from the face of the dartboard.

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