What Are Some Tips to Follow When Brewing Beer?

Use sanitized, clean implements and ingredients throughout the process, from the making of the wort to bottling. Use yeast that is no older than four or five months.

Before commencing the brewing process, assemble all of the implements you require, then sanitize and rinse everything. To have clean water for the wort, opt for bottled spring water rather than tap water.

When choosing yeast, look for brands that feature a freshness date on the package. Do not steep the grains, or the mash, for too long. Steep the mash in a muslin bag for about 20 minutes or until the wort's temperature reaches 170 degrees Fahrenheit. Steeping the mash in hotter water results in a wort that is bitter or off-flavored.

Cool the wort as quickly as possible. Put the filled wort kettle in a sink or tub and surround it with ice, or use a wort chiller. Northern Brewer sells copper-head and stainless steel wort chillers of different lengths for approximately $70 to $200 as of 2016.

After collecting the wort in the kettle and adding any extracts, add the hops in one to three separate stages for bitterness, flavoring and aroma, respectively. Introducing hops to the wort too early yields unpleasant bitterness. When precisely to add hops and how long to boil them in the wort depends on the recipe.