What Are Some Tips for Your First Craft Show?

What Are Some Tips for Your First Craft Show?

Some tips for the first time at a craft show include talking to other makers who have done a show to determine needed supplies and actions, setting up a mock display at home before the show, preparing the night before the show and being friendly during the show. Another great tip is to ask for help.

To approach the show, it is helpful to break down what is needed and to create to do lists. Adding weekly tasks to a planner helps the process to feel manageable.

To create the display, it is beneficial to look around the home to find what is already available. Items such as trays can help hold photography, and small tables, jewelry stands, baskets and tablecloths can all be helpful for displaying crafts.

Measure out a space at home that is comparable to the space available at the craft show. Then work within this space to play with how a display looks. This helps get a look that is desired and an idea of what supplies are needed for the show.

Prepare for the show the night before by printing out the venue's vendor information and directions to the venue. Pack the car to make sure that everything fits. Remember to get a good amount of sleep.

After the show is over, reflect on the experience, thinking about what went well and what changes are needed for future shows. This can also be a time to celebrate the successes from the show.